Is bible study a hobby?

The hobbies themselves are neutral and are not right or wrong. The key is the attitude of the person participating in it.

Is bible study a hobby?

The hobbies themselves are neutral and are not right or wrong. The key is the attitude of the person participating in it. Usually, we need to learn to do something creative. Singers take voice classes, musicians learn to play their instruments, artists take classes to hone their skills, and sometimes teach us oral tradition or imitation of parents.

One thing we can't do with the Christian faith is to turn it into a hobby. It's not like collecting stamps, scrapbooking, sewing, playing games or any other hobby. It can never be something you take when you want and let go of it when you're bored or have something more important to do. Depending on the teaching skills of your group members, assign students a specific week to devote a portion of the class to teaching about their particular hobby, and then conduct a Bible study on a spiritual application drawn from that hobby.

If your students are not comfortable with teaching the Bible, they can teach the hobbies segment and you can be responsible for the Bible lesson. After God had finished creating the world and everything in it, he rested. And in his rest, he established the principle of rest forever for his people. Regardless of your opinion on the Lord's Day, this is indisputable.

Of course, God wasn't sitting around watching the Super Bowl, but I don't think that's the case. Therefore, to the extent that free time is to enjoy the things that God has created for our good, they are not at all sin. Theological trophy hunting is when you read the Bible to have more verses on your side, more points mounted on the wall, so you can win an argument or prove how much you know. When it comes to theology, the Puritan theologian pastors were profoundly biblical and tireless practitioners of the principle of the Sola Scriptura Reformation.

So I think it's totally biblical to say that hobbies are activities that can be done for the glory of God, from playing or following sports, gardening, exercising, music, outdoor activities and many other things that the Christian can enjoy. Among many other traits, such as love, light, truth and compassion, the Bible tells us that Jesus is the Creator. It's a great way to spend time with my children and teach them lessons about history, sportsmanship, and even biblical masculinity. In the years since my meeting with the overworked minister, I have carefully studied the writings of the Puritans and have developed a deep affection for them.

The Bible lesson can cover any of the many spiritual principles related to a planting topic, such as the parable of the sower or how to bear fruit for God.

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